Pomme Chan, Founder and Design Director of Happy People Studio and Founder of Swoonspace Home Decor

Design Product & Packaging

Pomme Chan is an artist and a designer who aim to expand and maximise the use of illustration in people’s everyday life. During the past 20 years, Pomme’s work has grown from original drawing to digital arts and applied across mediums from Packaging, Advertising, Products, Fine arts and home decor. In 2014 Pomme Started Happy People Studio, where she focused on commercial projects and worked closely with the young creative team. And In 2020, Pomme launched the Swoon Home Decor showroom in the heart of Bangkok in the Sukhumvit area; she is now happily working with her team at Happy People Studio and Swoon Space.



Pomme Chan will be judging the Design, Product & Packaging Category.