Pia Sun
The Guide Map of Chinese Tranditional Museum

Design Product & Packaging

Commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
The project consists of a double-page map showing the entire basic information of the museum made for traditional museum China. The challenge was to create an extremely dynamic and lively museum scene in which (kids)characters are visiting,playing and learning in there. Also, all of the visual elements and Information need to be organized within one Mind map(biggest challenge).

How was the illustration used:
This illustration is used as a museum‘s guide map,which involves information ( like famous exhibits ) of the museum, in which also sets up some little questions( about exhibits and their histories ) for young visitors. So with this Map young visitors can easier know about the exhibits by visiting. As for the questions in Map are good ways to interact with young visitors to capture their curiosity.

How did you make this work:
First, I needed to understand the structure of mind maps( why,how to use it ). And then I collected all the information about the museum and exhibits, including the history of them, the visual system which is in use now. Also, I joined in Workshop and worked with Museum staff ). All possible materials have been organized and defined clearly for the sketching process.

Commissioner Name :
China Art & Craft Museum
Commissioner Company :
Hangzhou Art & Craft Museum

Social Media:
facebook.com/Sun Pia

Personal Website:

Kunsthochschuhle Kassel

Currently Based:
Now I study in Germany as Animation Student.

Pia Sun comes from China, now she studies in Germany as an animation Student at University Kassel ( Kunsthochschuhle Kassel ). Creating illustrations and animations have been an integral part of her daily life. She is passionate about commercial design,good at analyzing and recreate Brand leadership for Market with young vision. Focusing on the customer's emotional experience, using visual elements to stimulate the customer's senses is the persistence in her work.