Pia Sun
Living Young with My Baby


Commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
Having a baby is tough work at any age. But it doesn't mean that life as they know it is over. I would like to show that being a young parent provides a great opportunity to restart their life, to achieve goals and have a fun, fulfilling life, holding passion WITH the Baby. The challenge was to create an atmosphere in which fashioning parents are enjoying their passion with their Babys.

How was the illustration used:
The illustration was used for an advertising campaign from the mall in Shenzhen. I would like to use strong visual language(2D+3D Illustraions)to inject fresh blood for the mall's marketing promotion. "Living Young with My Baby" is not just one slogan, but symbolizes young people's positive attitude towards life and their family at all times.

How did you make this work:
First, I analyzed and defined the target group of the promotion,narrowed the target group to young parents as corn customers. Then I researched about young parents' habits, issue and daily life with newborn babies to support my creative work. These process really improved my sketching and gave me strong confidence to create this work.

Commissioner Company :
Mixc Shenzhen

Social Media:
facebook.com/Sun Pia

Personal Website:

Currently Based:
I am studying aniamtion in Germany

Pia Sun comes from China, now she studies in Germany as an animation Student at University Kassel ( Kunsthochschuhle Kassel ). Creating illustrations and animations have been an integral part of her daily life. She is passionate about commercial design,good at analyzing and recreate Brand leadership for Market with young vision. Focusing on the customer's emotional experience, using visual elements to stimulate the customer's senses is the persistence in her work.