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Why did you make this work:
This is my first non-fiction book;144 illustrated pages. The theme are plants, a topic I have never faced before.The main challenge was to create scientific illustrations while maintaining my geometric,abstract,colorful and surreal style.To introduce the world of plants to children, I created a group of humanized insects,led by "Little Square" a square-shaped fly,that runs through the whole book

How was the illustration used:
Illustrations for a Non fiction book about the world of plants from expert ecologist and educator Michael Holland, this illustrated compendium celebrates the plants in your life, from minty toothpaste to the floral names in your classroom. This comprehensive guide covers everything from the parts of a plant through to conservation, and also features DIY projects for young gardeners.

How did you make this work:
The technique is a mix of digital and analog.Shapes and backgrounds are created digitally,texture are handmade.During the making of the book (1year)I had the chance to travel for work in Asia,I received many suggestions by direct observation of flora from the different country I visited.Such as some weird fruits eaten in Hong Kong,tropical tree ferns spotted in Taiwan,ancient pine trees in Japan.

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Flying eye book
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Flying eye book
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Debbie Bibo agency

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Born in a small coastal town in Liguria, Italy, to a Filipina mother and Swiss father, Philip Giordano is a tireless globetrotter, who now lives and works in Tokyo. After studying at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and at the European Institute of Design, he earned a Master in Animation in Turin. He works for a number of magazines and publishing houses around the world, illustrating book covers, designing toys, and creating children's books and animations. The simple and colorful shapes of his illustrations, his iconic characters, and his graphic landscapes render his stories into visual journeys. Exploring different techniques, from digital collage to painting on wood, his work has been selected and featured in American Illustration Annual, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, 3x3 illustration Annual, and the "Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards". His illustrations have received international recognition and awards including the Silver Medal by the Society of Illustrators; the White Raven Award; the International Illustration Prize Bologna / SM Foundation; Illustrarte, Biennial of illustration, Lisbon, the Prix des Adultes and Prix des Mediateurs: Figure-Future at the Montreuil, Paris Book Fair. His artworks was presented in the exhibition and Annul “Artist and illustrations masterpieces - 50 Illustrators Exhibitions 1967 - 2016", of the 50th anniversary of the Children's Book Fair Illustrator Exhibition in Bologna.