Peach Tao and Tanya Yeremeyeva : Woolf


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This woodcut print mixed lettering and images of a quote from Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway" aims to portray the complexity of the character's subconscious fear of everyday life, collaboration between Peach Tao and Tanya Yeremeyeva.
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It's a large scale woodcut print. The block is 24 inches x 42 inches. Edition of 3 on Japanese rice paper. The lettering is designed by Tanya Yeremeyeva while the rest of the images were drawn by Peach Tao. Both artists carved and printed the woodblock.

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Peach Tao is a Beijing-born illustrator, printmaking artist, muralist and art educator currently based in NYC. She loves creating whimsical images based on her spontaneous adventures across the globe. Tanya Yeremeyeva is a Ukrainian motion graphics and lettering designer, currently working in NYC.