papagxiong : Daydream


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Why did you make this work:
As a cat person, I enjoy the company of cats very much, but I can't ignore the smell of stinky cat poop. So after I shoveled cat poop five times in the same day, I watched my cats lying on the floor lazily scratching the sofa and grinding their nails, and suddenly I realized that maybe it was time for my kittens to do something for this family, at least, in my artwork.

How was the illustration used:
I think my potential clients can use this work for home decoration or doing jigsaw puzzles.

How did you make this work:
I made this work with an iPad. First, I draw a rough draft on my sketchbook, scan the sketch into the laptop, and use Procreate to add the colour. And finally, use Photoshop to unify the tone.

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University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts
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Currently Based:
Chengdu, China