Panos Baras : EXTERIOR - Plagued streets of pity


Commissioned | New Talent

Exterior, the producer behind the music, got the name for the EP from the Manic Street Preachers song 'Yes', which describes the world of prostitution and drugs. He requested from me to create an artwork with the life of female prostitutes in mind.
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Prostitution is supposed to be the oldest profession in the world. Hence, I looked for the oldest written mention of it and it was in Hammurabi's code, the oldest written legislation that survives today. Prostitutes back then were respected and protected. I juxtaposed that with today's society and with the 'My body, my choice' manifesto in mind I decided to recreate it and honour their struggles.

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Hi, I am a musician and an ex-graphic designer turned illustrator with an affinity for animation and sound-interactive visuals. I also, sometimes, do music for short films and animations.