triptych of willow pattern : alice in canton land


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Why did you make this work:
as one of the Guangcai successor from Hong Kong, i always want to bring Guangcai into our contemporary world and make it hit again. When China and United Kingdom are two countries both love tea, so i put a culture symbol Willow Pattern as the background, with the characters from Alice in Wonderland doing all the chinese activities with Hong Kong indigenous fauna and animals from the story.

How was the illustration used:
for exhibitions, workshops, products and customer orders.

How did you make this work:
Guangcai artists are still using the 300 years old pigment formula, which is very colourful and shining but toxic with lead, it is cool when we do decorations but not for table ware, but i trying to use some non lead formula but also bring out the colour style of Guangcai and also my own formula like baby blue.

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Hong Kong Art School
DIpolam in Fine Art
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hong kong

Oychir, an artist from HongKong, graduated in Hong Kong Art School Higher Diploma in Fine Art, love to create on paper and porcelain with literature and history theme.Oychir has received international illustration competition awrads and Chinese novel awards, she has represented Hong Kong to join the the “Unknown Asia” in Osaka, and interviewed by “Bijutsutecho” during the time.