Olga Molina : The Blues of Rosa Parks


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Image for the poster design for the International Blues Festival of Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona) in his 30th edition. The only condition for this work was that it had to be also a final art piece for its museum, so it had to be handpainted.
Additional Information:
This poster is a tribute to the African-American activist Rosa Parks and vindicates the role of women in some non recognized jobs such as that of the female instrumentalist. On the other hand, her defiant look shows in fact that her despite being alone at night, she is not afraid. The original artwork is made of acrylic painting on paper.

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I am an illustrator from Barcelona very passionate about the Mediterranean life. My spontaneous watercolours and acrylic paintings in warm colours and turquoise blue are inspired by this sea.When I was a child, I spent hours drawing. You couldn’t peel me off my drawing block. I studied painting restoration where I learnt different painting techniques and got acquainted with the style of classic artists.In 2014 I finished my postgraduate degree of creative Illustration at EINA, in Barcelona.After graduation and after some experimentation I started to find my footing: a fresher, more spontaneous style, with less focus on realism and closer to myself.I was recently featured in WETRANSFER platform and I work for clients all over the world.