Nosheen Ahmed
Redrawing black history's unsung creatives


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
This was made in response to Make Art that Sells online course called Redrawing Black History. The course was designed to give a deeper understanding of the richness and beauty of Black American history. It enabled me to produce four stunning pieces of art that celebrate Black history as well as providing me an opportunity to learn about such incredible women. I absolutely loved the journey.

How was the illustration used:
on my personal portfolio websites/social media

How did you make this work:
I hand drew the elements, and the marks, trying to incorporate a bit of the personality, history and story behind each of the women. I then transferred the marks/drawings into patterns and incorporated colour into my work via photoshop.

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Currently Based:
Manchester, UK

Nosheen is a freelance illustrator, hand letterer, surface pattern designer (and dentist). She creates designs/illustrations for stationery, home decor, greeting cards and books. Being creative is like breathing for her. She got an art degree from Manchester art school. She lives in Manchester, UK. Clients include NHS Bridgewater Community Healthcare, Printsource, Blue print.