The World Awaits

Children's Publishing

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
This image was made for one of the pages from the children's book "The World Awaits", story by Tomos Roberts. It was made to go with the text; "A smile amidst a sea of frowns could mean the difference to us all. And though these plusses can’t be seen, I can assure you that they’re real. (...)". Inspired by the words “a sea of frowns”, I created this scenery to dominate the double spread page.

How was the illustration used:
Double page spread for the children's book “The World Awaits”.

How did you make this work:
Originally painted with ink on paper, with partial layout adjustment for the text in Photoshop. Printed on recycled paper in book format for the final product.

Commissioner Company :
Farshore Books

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Currently Based:
Tokyo, Japan

Nomoco is an illustrator based in Japan. Inspired by nature and sound, she creates images and animation using mainly ink and printmaking. Her illustration work spans book, editorial, campaign and fashion. She also produces work under Kazuko Nomoto.