Nigel Owen
The City of Birds

The image suggests a surreal narrative in which mother and son are confronted by a magical bird.


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This experimental image is related to an earlier world building project entitled 'Slab Serif City'. The surreal scene takes place just outside the boundaries of the mythical 'Slab Serif City'. The two characters (a mother and son) pause to rest in a an unusual folded structure inspired by an alternative 'time travel' bookbinding workshop. A magical bird visits them within this space.

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United Kingdom (UK)

Nigel Owen is an illustrator, based in Cornwall, UK. He studied at Central Saint Martins and has worked as a freelance illustrators across most sectors of the industry, but is most experienced within the field of editorial illustration. He has been represented by illustration agencies in both the UK and the US (CIA & Bernstein & Andriulli). Recent commissions include covers for the Lancet.