Nick Radford
We Are Music

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
To create cover artwork plus 12 spreads for a children’s board book about music genres, written by Brandon Stosuy (Pitchfork / Creative Independent / MoMA music curator) and published by Little Simon (Simon & Schuster NY). The publisher requested fun, informative & engaging illustrations for the target audience (both young & old), that evoke togetherness & diversity.

How was the illustration used:
For a children’s book, plus associated promo material (online etc).

How did you make this work:
My chosen medium was a combination of collage & hand drawn artwork, with different geometric shapes & patterns chosen to represent each genre of music (e.g. the circular forms of the Hip Hop spread, which represent the samples/breaks played from records). A game of spot the dachshund on each spread engages the younger audience, with some notable characters featured throughout for the music lovers.

Commissioner Name :
Laura Roode
Commissioner Company :
Simon & Schuster NY
Commissioned for:
Little Simon

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Nick is an illustrator and musician based in Falmouth, UK. His elegant line-work and use of minimal palettes, bold shapes, texture and collage are inspired by traditional printing techniques and his love of 60s soul, R'n'B and jazz (also seen in his music, most recently as The Mighty Sceptres on Ubiquity Records). Represented by Folio Art, he illustrates for books, posters, magazines, advertising and album covers.