Nick Chaffe
WE DO. brand logos animation

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
To design/illustrate a logo typeface for WE DO. which could expand into multiple inspirational WE.. messages, such as WE INSPIRE, WE DEFINE. In a bold and colourful way the design needed to illustrate elements from various advertising campaigns created by Healthcare agency HavasLYNX. It needed to be easily adaptable and have various elements that could work on their own.

How was the illustration used:
Email invites, posters, card invitations, vinyl wall signage, book cover and digital art installation.

How did you make this work:
The logo and designs were used for a specially created book and exhibition graphics that included an interactive digital installation created in collaboration with bafta award winning digital artist Dan Hett, with animation by HavasLYNX

Commissioner Name :
Sophia Shaw (Art Buyer) and Tom Richards (ECD)
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Nick Chaffe is a graphic designer and illustrator who has lived in Nottingham, Kansas and London and now settled in Manchester, UK. He has two distinct styles of illustration; one hand made with traditional materials the other bold and colourful made strictly on the computer.