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Why did you make this work:
Recently, I am working on a new project "IKEA LABEL RECYCLE PROJECT". There are a lot of IKEA things at home. The cut labels are all reluctant to be lost, so we can simply reuse them. Hope that useless things can become useful and interesting!

How was the illustration used:
This series of works, I will continue to do. In the end, I hope I can make a zine of my independent publication.

How did you make this work:
This is the label I cut from IKEA products. These labels are very good-looking. I was reluctant to throw them away, so I thought of drawing on them. The painting material is posca.

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Nichinichi, an illustrator, works and lives in Chengdu. She studied in Japan for 5 years and graduated from TAMA Art University, Tokyo, Japan. She got master degree majored in graphic design & illustration under the tutelage of Japanese illustrator Akiyama Takashi. She is partner of Good Day Design studio, also the owner of brand nichinichi. She often breaks the convention in composition, and is good at creating with bright, strong color, combined with funny, grotesque and bold visual expression.