Natacha Olive & Anaïs Herd-Smith
Oxfam - donuts Theory


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
We were contacted to think an illustrative creation of the "Donuts theory". It was quite of a challenge to make this ecological theory of this augury visually accessible for everyone. We wanted to represent a sensitive subject with a playful and colorful illustration. We created in real life 2 giants donuts, in clay and paper. (paperartist Anais Herd-smith)

How was the illustration used:
Well, it was used on different support as website, instagram, and other socialnetwook, but its main use remains the presentation to schools, conferences of the real object, which is about 60cm wide

How did you make this work:
We used at first some polystyrene for the base, then different kind of clays (fimo - gitto) and paper of course.

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Commissioned for:
We worked for a parisian agency named @brainsonic, and also with @Lesentremetteurs

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My name is Natacha Olive, i'm a clay designer (yes it exists :) I was Graduated with a degree from the Art Institute of Boston and a Master's degree in Corporate Visual Communication from ECV Paris. I started my career in an advertising agency in paris for 3 years, then I developped my own way on the plasticine road. And I'm happy to say that My job isa real source of happiness!