Jake Duczynski
My Grandmother’s Lingo


Image Type: Single Image

Usage: I created a bank of hand-drawn elements that were scanned and used for textures. For linework and fill, I picked Kyle's photoshop brushes that matched original artwork from Ngukurr. Each frame was animated in photoshop and then composited in after effects. Some of the more difficult shots I built in maya (3D software), then animated off those rendered movs. sbs.com.au/mygrandmotherslingo/

Process: Digital brushes had a hand in pretty much every frame. These, combined with scanned, hand drawn textures – were manipulated in photoshop and after effects to animate the frames.  I also use a 27QHD cintiq with glide glove for the sweaty studio sessions. 

Materials: For the developers – I supplied the animated frames and files in photoshop layers, rendered movs and random gifs – they then worked their wizardry and integrated tech stuff like voice recognition and user interactivity into the animation/illustration for use on the web.

Formats: The brief was to help communicate Angelina's story and intention to the world – through imagery that was specific to the Ngukurr community, and remained sensitive to the wider indigenous population. I wanted the whole piece to flow and fit together as one. I tried to maintain the energy of each scene, by morphing one into the next. There aren't any cuts to disrupt the fluidity or the narrative.

Commissioned For: UTS

Commissioner Company: SBS Australia