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Why did you make this work:
Professor Ricardo Santonja told me about a project to disseminate new artistic trends influenced by reggaeton music. This would be inspired by the advice of the former Consul of Spain in Puerto Rico, Tomás Rodríguez-Pantoja, whose opinion is that reggaeton is making everyone sing in Spanish as pop and rock did with English. More than 30 hours after vector drawings, this illustration emerged.

How was the illustration used:
Published in the new Reggaetón Art artistic manifesto. The book was presented as part of the Madrid Design Festival program of activities, in the Maite Conde Antique & Deco showroom. This project is certified by I + D + Art which recognizes the commitment to innovation and development through art.

How did you make this work:
After more than 30 hours of vector drawings, this illustration emerged. Example of a series of landscapes where many of the stories told in our favorite songs are inspired and happen. At present I continue working on this and other series, both on request and personally, and in parallel with my work in the graphic communication studio Proyecto Limón.

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Munilla belonged to the Board of Directors of the AEPD in addition to participating in other Madrid associations until 2020, the year of his transfer to Alicante (Spain). His work appears in prestigious international publications and exhibitions. He has been awarded the Manuel López Parras Award (2010) and the Selection Award for Best Illustration at the Anuaria Awards (2017, 2019 y 2020)