Haam Juhae
Mundane Days


Image Type: multiple

Usage: Selected illustrations out of a total 142 illustrations in a essay, called 'Mundane Days', which is published in May of 2017.

Process: Several light layers of watercolor on paper with gouache when necessary. Scanned to a file in its original form to preserve the original feeling.

Materials: Watercolor and gouache on hotpressed paper.

Formats: Original illustrations (on paper) and digital files.

Brief Requirements: Started by publishing an illustration a day with a tree in it on my social network. Currently, the project was published at WISDOMHOUSE Inc.

Key Brief Ideas: Captured the full year lifecycle of a tree through illustration and text. Whether we notice it or not, the tree is by our side at all times. I capture our growth, in parallel to the tree. We also grow at a similarly slow, but impressive pace.

Commissioner Company: WISDOMHOUSE Inc., & me