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Why did you make this work:
The process of urbanization has make us more and more intensified the substance function of interpersonal relationships in society, making the purpose of interaction among us gradually simplistic. In such a process, people build emotional defense mechanisms to fend off risks and protect themselves from harm. This series of works focuses on the emotional dilemma that we are going through..

How was the illustration used:
The series could be use in magazine, textbook, poster or any publication.

How did you make this work:
Created by procreate

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Jacobs University Bremen
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Hello I’m Mou, started studying art since young age and have solid basic skills. I always interested in social science and wishing to combine it with art. In order to achieve this, instead of majoring in design, I chose integrated social science and majored in sociology and politics in college. I started working as a Freelancer this year, please feel free to contact me if you like or need my work