Mori Chiang
The River

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
"Life is just like a long river. It comes and goes as time goes on. In this river, you collected every details from your daily life, including the beautiful songs you have ever heard. Then, they all became lifetime nutrients to remind you to keep moving on." In this work, I collect some songs that influence my life. Reorder all the songs and tell a whole new story through my illustration.

How was the illustration used:
Zine Size: 14.8x21 cm Printing: Risograph +2inks(pages) +1ink(cover) Paper: Wagami (Traditional Japanese Paper)​​​​​​​

How did you make this work:
This zine was printed by Risograph. For me, not only the printing process but also how to order the songs into a story are totally new to me. I enjoy the moment of experimenting. It is just a begin!

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National Chiao Tung University
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“Always believe that everyone is the unique bulb ready to be sparkling.” -Mori, graduated from NCCU, double majoring in Business Administration and Advertising, honored with International BGS Membership for being the top 5% student. However, he hardly feels satisfied. In order to pursue a better future and to fulfill his own dream, he enrolls in the Institute of Applied Arts, NCTU to study visual communication design. Now he dedicates to illustration field and hopes his work would heal and accompany others.