Monal MEDillustration
Guzheng Hands


Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
To my knowledge, there are hardly any available graphic materials focusing on the finger techniques of playing the guzheng, a Chinese zither. So when my guzheng tutor approached me with the idea to draw her hands as she plays, I knew I had to try.

How was the illustration used:
This illustration is made for my guzheng tutor as part of her teaching materials.

How did you make this work:
The illustration was created with colored pencils and then into a poster with Photoshop.

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Currently Based:
Taipei, Taiwan

Monal is a board-certified medical doctor / illustrator in Taiwan who specializes in interventional, abdominal and pediatric radiology. Being a practicing radiologist, Monal is especially skillful at turning 2D medical images into colored realistic schematics.