Max Loeffler : Milk Tooth "Sphere Collection"


Commissioned | Professional

The jewellery designs draw upon the cosmos, iconography, counterculture and come up with intricate motifs alongside rich jewel stones. Milk Tooth was seeking 10 illustrations to bring to life 10 earrings, which they’d want to use across packaging and Tarot cards. Key influences include avant-garde jazz musician and philosopher Sun Ra, Spiritual Jazz, Science fiction, Egyptology, and Cosmology.
Additional Information:
I was drawing inspiration from the colours and shapes used in each earring, and translated each of the ten pieces into an alternative cosmic universe. I demounted the statement earrings into their indivual bold basic shapes, and reassembled the elements to big artifacts, placed in mythical, colourful surroundings.

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I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, working primarily in the fields of editorial illustration and album artwork. However, I’m basically curious about everything that needs some smart and concept-driven or atmospheric imagery. Apart from that I’m a highly trained Kochkäse wallower and part-time grump trying to seize this weird thing called modern life in my personal work like DAYMARE BOOGIE or THE PSYCHIC VAULT.