Martina Tonello
Nella Foresta - wood, writing and illustration

Design Product & Packaging

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Why did you make this work:
I started this work as a personal experiment with combining wood, writing and illustration as building blocks for an original storytelling. Just like many novels for young adults, Nella Foresta is a story with a fantastic universe, but, while the narration begins between the pages of a book, it then becomes alive through imagination and a wooden character that comes with each box.

How was the illustration used:
Each box of Nella Foresta is designed around a character. Before getting to work on the story book, I started the process of experimenting with wood, also thanks to a carpenter technical supervision. Each character was then cut, build and painted with non-toxic toy colours. The result of this process is a hand-crafted wooden piece around which I created the illustrated stories and packaging.

How did you make this work:
Nella Foresta consists of carefully illustrated boxes, each of them containing an originally illustrated story book and a wooden character. Each character, before being carefully handcrafted, was prototyped with wooden left-over materials, by playing with shapes. I then investigated these characters identities, world and adventures, using illustration and writing.

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Martina Tonello is an illustrator and aspiring carpenter. She likes to explore new places, like a desk drawer, a trail in the forest or a new city street. She was born in Padua in 1993, and she currently lives in Bologna, where she spends her time inventing stories and creating workshops for children. Her work was published by Electa Kids, Piemme and Editoriale Scienza.