Martin Conway
Trainspotting, 25 Years Later


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I was tasked with creating an illustration to sit alongside an article celebrating the legacy of 1996 film Trainspotting's soundtrack. Replacing the needle on a record player with one used by an addict seemed a natural choice, though I had to tweak my style to keep the image interesting. Colour palette chosen to reflect marketing for film's original release.

How was the illustration used:
Editorial illustration for issue 3 of New Sounds Magazine

How did you make this work:
Hand drawn, first in pencil and then felt tip. Turntable used for reference. Scanned as template for Photoshop. Flat coloured using 15 separate layers and background coloured black. Layers repositioned to create thick/thin outlines and overlaps, emphasising vinyl grooves.

Commissioner Name :
Jimmy McCormac
Commissioner Company :
New Sounds Magazine

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Currently Based:
Cambridge, UK

A product of the 90s with an engrained fondness for sludgy guitars, wrestling theatrics and low poly video games, taking visual cues from the three Hs (Haring, Hergé and Hewlett). Championing the innocent and aggressor, creating original characters bedecked with shapes, scribbles and type. Specialising in editorial, poster and concept design.