Maria Luísa
The Secret Garden

Book Covers

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
My aim with this book cover project was to capture the wonder of the classic book 'The Secret Garden', by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I was compelled to trigger the imagination of readers both young and old alike, and to show the poetry of simple things, like a garden filled with wild flowers. The spine includes the detail of the garden's key, under the grass.

How was the illustration used:
The intended use of the work is to integrate a series of illustrated book covers of childhood classics.

How did you make this work:
The illustration for this book cover is entirely analog. The materials -- ranging in opacity -- are gouache, coloured pencils, watercolour, pen, conte pencils and graphite, and they were layered extensively to create the desired effect of a wild garden. The typeface for 'The Secret Garden' was hand drawn and integrated onto the illustration digitally.

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Cambridge School of Art (Anglia Ruskin University)
Illustration BA (Hons)
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Maria Luísa is an illustrator from Porto, Portugal. She studied at Cambridge School of Art and is enthusiastic about visual storytelling and colour. She can often be found working at her messy desk, using a range of materials in an intuitive and informal way. Passionate about design, drawing from life and printmaking, Luísa enjoys capturing the poetry in the mundane, as well as natural fragility.