Mari Kinovych
Nino Kharatishvili "The Eight Life (for Brilka)"

Cover illustration & design for the Ukrainian edition of this bestseller.

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Book Cover/s

How did you make this work:
This brilliant novel unfolds an entire century of Georgian history through the fates of members of one family. I wanted to make something epic for the cover and chose a carpet as a coded portrayal of events and characters. To make it believable, I created an uninterrupted illustration on both sides and spine of a real carpet and used some authentic Georgian ornaments and colors.

Commissioner Name :
Alla kostovska
Commissioner Company :
Komora Publishing House

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Mari Kinovych is a Ukraine-based illustrator working and living in Kyiv. Her projects range from ad commercials to book covers. In her personal works, she tends to focus on gender equality, animal rights, sustainable living, and recently, politics. Her current works include illustrations for AdWeek, The Economist, MacPaw, McDonald’s, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and Penguin Random House.