Mari Kinovych
An Atlas Traced by the Sky by Goran Petrović

Book Covers

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
An Atlas Traced By The Sky is the second novel by Goran Petrović, translated to Ukrainian. I created the book cover for a previous novel — Smalltalk Place at "Lucky Shot" — and this time I wanted to continue the previous graphic style and create a visual series. My task was to find a way to express the magic inside the text.

How was the illustration used:
A book cover for the Ukrainian edition of the novel.

How did you make this work:
This book is about a house with a sky as its roof, seven different characters who are somehow living together, and a thousand stories interconnecting them. What happens inside the house stands in a stark contrast to the outside world. I wanted to convey two different feelings: cold and simple (for external world) using geometric vector forms; and warm (inner world) using hand-made graphics.

Commissioner Company :
Komora publishing House, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Currently Based:
Ukraine (Kyiv)

Mari Kinovych is a Ukraine-based artist, working and living in Kyiv. She does things ranging from lettering to illustrations for explainer videos. Her all-time favorites are illustrations for editorial/social media purposes and book covers. She works with local clients like Silpo (Ukrainian supermarket network), Goodwine (wine seller and grocery), Vsi.Svoi (the biggest marketplace for local Ukrainian manufacturers) and Publishing houses: Komora, ArtHuss and Knygolove.