Maike Neuendorff
Mama Baobab

Book illustrations for a magical African tale about a boy trying to find and rescue his goats

Children's Publishing

Commissioned | Professional

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Book inside or spot illustration/s

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"Mama Baobab" is a magical story set in Africa. Abedi falls asleep under a Baobab tree while herding his goats. In his dream, together with a bird, a tortoise and a chipmunk he tries to find Mama Baobab who will save his goats from evil hyaenas. I created 13 full page illustrations for the story written by author Nasrin Siege. I used pens and digital collage to visualize the dreamlike atmosphere.

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Razamba Verlag

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Maike Neuendorff is a German illustrator who worked as a landscape architect for many years. She spent ten years in London, where she studied MA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts. Having moved back to Germany, she creates illustrations for magazines, newspapers and other publications. She also works on book projects. In 2019 she was a finalist of the Silent Book Contest in Bologna.