Maggie Cowles
And Sorry I Could Not Travel Both


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
When a road diverged in a wood, Robert Frost famously wondered what could've been on the "Road not taken”. In 2020, among quarantines and stay at home orders, I began to really miss the “what if” of exploration and travel. “And Sorry I Could Not Travel Both” started simply as daily practice but quickly became a mediation on gratefulness for past exploration and exploration soon to come.

How was the illustration used:
Personal Practice- drawing series

How did you make this work:
I have a very treasured collection of Spectracolor colored pencils- discontinued in the 90’s and hard to come by. Final editing and wash effect is done in Procreate.

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Currently Based:
United States

Originally from NYC, Maggie attended the Rhode Island School of Design where she received a BFA in Textiles. She is now based in Los Angeles, living under a palm tree as a Freelance Illustrator & Print Designer. She spends her days sharpening her stash of color pencils and doodling sundry meals, plates, and interiors from her imagination.