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Why did you make this work:
In watching the George Floyd trial unfold, like many Americans, I was incredibly disappointed and discouraged by the racism and abuses to black and brown communities in America. I wanted to create a utopia where people of color could live without fear, just as they are. I dreamt of a future where freedom existed without unconscious biases and violence.

How was the illustration used:

How did you make this work:
I conceived the art direction and executed all visual assets for this story.

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Bowdoin College
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Currently Based:
New York

Lyne Lucien is a Haitian illustrator based in Brooklyn. She studied German and Film at Bowdoin College. She has worked in creative at various publications from New York Magazine to The Daily Beast to Architectural Digest.  Lyne is most recently a Society of Illustrators 64 winner, an American Illustration 40 Award Winner, and a finalist for the Artbridge - Not a Monolith Residency.