What are we?


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I worked with the symbologies that stemmed from the concepts of facing the self within, the angst and the darkness, and accepting them as part of ourselves. Allowing uncertainty to open its way into possibilities of being and doing. My intention was to invite the spectator to engage with that depth and by that giving value to the transformative power of the question “what are we?”.

How was the illustration used:
This artwork ended up being the official poster for a psytrance music and live bands festival called “Rock and Trance”, that was located in a forest in Chile. Inspired in the mixture and exploration of artistic disciplines and the encounter of humanity, sensitivity and dancing.

How did you make this work:
I did research on the field of psychoanalysis. Then I had a photoshoot of myself done and used the different perspectives into a digital composition, then added some outside references. Next I translated all, the observed forms and the imagined ones, into the drawing technique on top of the light-table. The inking and the pointillism are handmade, then scanned and painted with digital colors.

Commissioner Name :
Ronald Machuca
Commissioner Company :
Rock and Trance Festival

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Lucas is an Illustrator from Villa Alemana, Chile. He studied Professional Illustration at the Arcos Institute, Chile. He works freelance and has been commissioned to make the product image for a brazilian beer brand named “Hocus Pocus” and posters for festivals such as “Rock and Trance”. He has also been selected two years in a row for the ArteJoven award granted by the Universidad de Valparaíso.