Loulou João
This Summer, We’re Going to Go to the Movies More—and Love It More


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Finally going back to the theaters! The elements created for these pieces consists of soft and squishy plastic like material. Combining that with a carefully selected color palette translates a whole range of emotions. To best fit the article the theater provides a southing environment. Where as the spot illustration displays the excitement that comes with going to the movies.

How was the illustration used:
Published with the article May 12th on time.com and with the corresponding print issue May 24th/ May 31st.

How did you make this work:
To create this work the 3D software Blender was used in every step from start to finish. Only one character is displayed in the illustrations, wanting to keep COVID safe practices in mind and highlighting the personal experience. We're focusing on a very intimate and magical moment of going back to the theaters.

Commissioner Name :
TIME Magazine
Commissioner Company :
Commissioned for:
Katie Kalupson as AD (works for TIME)

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Currently Based:
Ghent, Belgium

Loulou João is an Afro Belgian visual artist. Due to her mixed roots she developed an interdimensional worldview and sees blackness as a technology that is constantly evolving. She visualizes her own reality. A digital world that consists of candy coated squishy plastic objects. All while using hyper femme cuteness as her visual language to create a safe space.