Loe Lee
VICE Global Logo Illustrated Animation

An illustrated animation part of a global branded series published across VICE and VICE TV


Commissioned | Professional

How were your illustrations used? :
Advertisement (online), Brand campaign (online)

How did you make this work:
I worked with the motion director at VICE Media Group to create an illustrated animation for VICE’s Global Logo ID series. I created the storyboard, illustrations, and cell-animated frames, while motion-graphics support was provided by the VICE team. The project has received recognitions from The Clio Awards, SoI, and The Motion Awards.

Commissioner Name :
Assaf Clements
Commissioner Company :
VICE Media Group
Commissioned for:
VICE Media Group

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Personal Website:

Currently Based:
United States of America (USA)

Loe is an award-winning art director & illustrator known for weaving whimsical themes with everyday scenes. Her work appears in major campaigns for: Coca-Cola, Uniqlo, Google, The Democrats, VICE, and more. When she’s not drawing, Loe is trying new Cantonese recipes or cuddling her two big dogs. She is represented by Gerald & Cullen Rapp.