Lisa Sheehan
Blood Sport.

How oil and oligarchs made soccer bigger, richer and morally bankrupt.


Commissioned | Professional

How were your illustrations used? :
Magazine or newspaper cover illustration, Magazine or newspaper inside or spot illustration/s

How did you make this work:
I was asked to create a cover illustration of a soccer ball made of jewels with added blood to illustrate the main feature, also a pair of soccer boots encrusted with jewels with blood on them. Once my sketched idea was signed off I created the illustrations in Cinema 4D. Also producing an animation to be used on Apple News.

Commissioner Name :
Adam Vieyra
Commissioner Company :
Mother Jones

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Currently Based:
United Kingdom (UK)

Lisa Sheehan is a multidisciplinary illustrator represented by Debut Art. Her illustrations are often typographical with a pop of colour. Lisa loves to create pieces with detailed delicate forms as well as mixing 2D and 3D to create illustrations for the advertising and editorial sector. Clients include The New York Times, Saatchi & Saatchi, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, The Guardian