Li Guanyu
Blossom with Rich and Honour

Design Product & Packaging

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I hope to reconstruct the traditional folk art with modern illustration techniques, so I created a series of illustrations, which have good meanings such as blessing, happiness, longevity, happy marriage and so on.

How was the illustration used:
They could be used for book cover, story books or product package.

How did you make this work:
Oil paint

Currently Based:

Li Guanyu, illustrator, born in July 1980, studied animation in Shanghai fine arts film studio in 2003. Now he is the president of Taiyuan Animation Association and CEO of Shanxi shrub culture media Co., Ltd. Now, which has many subsidiaries.He was awarded the honorary titles of "2015 scientific and technological innovation figure" and "2018 May 4th youth of Shanxi". He was awarded a certified lecture by wacom Expert Committee. He once studied in the national animation advanced seminar on behalf of Shanxi Province, and selected into the cultural industry creative talent pool of the Ministry of culture and tourism twice.In recent years, he has been committed to animation production, his short film animated Apple won 13 international awards, including the Golden Award for animation at Houston International Film Festival. The animation series KiKi&KaKa based on Shanxi "Lihou cloth tiger" was selected into the creative project of national animation brand construction and protection plan. The first season has been present in 2018 in Tencent video and been hit 360 million times, the second season in obtain project investment from Alibaba group in 2019.