Laura Simonati
Superposthardbop Tour 2019


Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
A friend of mine asked me to realize a poster for his jazz quartet "Superposthardbop" to promote their summer tour 2019.

How was the illustration used:
At first, the illustration has been used to promote the tour on social media and has been printed in A3 posters to be posted on local concert venues and bars. The illustration has been later adapted for the packaging of the cd sold during the quartet's concerts. Once the band uploaded their music on Spotify, a detail from the illustration has been used for the quartet profile picture.

How did you make this work:
This illustration has been realized by hand-drawing using markers. After finalizing the preparatory sketch, each single element of the image has been drawn and scanned separately. I later composed the image directly on photoshop, adding digital colours. I often use this technique becacuse it gives me a lot of freedom in terms of composition.

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ENSAV La Cambre
Communication Visuelle et Graphique
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Laura Simonati is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer. After graduating at the Faculty of Design and Arts of the Free University of Bozen (Italy) in 2017, she moved to Brussels where she is currently attending the final year of a MA degree in Visual Communication at ENSAV La Cambre. Besides studying, she is also collaborating as illustrator in a graphic design studio. She is interested in working and experiment within different fields of Illustration, especially the editorial one. Her main passions are picture books and folk art.