Laszlo Balogh : Knights of Autumnland


Commissioned | New Talent

This illustration is one of 5 that my friend Jason McCarthy commissioned from me for his self-published debut novel, titled "War Drum". It is a young adult fantasy story, which I have read first, and then made paintings for, so while it had a pre-set flavour and feel to it, Jason was very open to my ideas and gave me pretty much all the artistic freedom in terms of style, composition, etc.
Additional Information:
It was a fun little project, a collaboration between two young up-and-coming(?!) artists, one being the writer, the other (yours truly) as the illustrator. In terms of technique, the piece is entirelly digital, my preffered way to work, and I have experimented with a few different angels for this image, it was quite challenging to come to this conclusion that pleased the both of us.

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