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Why did you make this work:
Illustration for my agency in US. Free illustration open for different interpretations

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social media

How did you make this work:

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Lasse Skarbövik was born in Norway, but has been living in Stockholm, Sweden since he graduated from Berghs School of Communication. He is one of the founders of Stockholm Illustration, but now he works as a freelance artist for clients all around the world. Apart from his illustration work, he has produced several larger murals and paintings for interiors and solo exhibitions. In the last years he has also designed several patterns for textile collections.Examples of clients are: The New Yorker, BusinessWeek, IKEA, Time Magazine , New York Times, The Economist, Bloomberg Wealth Manager Magazine, Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, Computer Arts Magazine, Boston Globe, Harvard Business Magazine, Adobe Systems, Santander Consumer Bank, Almedahls, Bogesunds, The Independent, CA Magazine, Yale Magazine, Waitrose UK, Le Monde Fr, Upbeat UK and Washington Post.He is Represented in American Illustration, 3×3 Annual, Print Magazine, Communication Arts, Association of Illustrators Annual, Images UK. World illustration Awards, Applied Arts Illustration show, HOW Magazine International Design Awards and several design and illustrators magazines around the world. If you are interested in buying an image/print please send an e-mail to [email protected] He is represented by Marlena agency in USA and in UK and several art galleries