Kyoung Mi, Ahn
Before the Door

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Books and life have structural similarities. As if pages repeat and then a book ends, life ends after repeating days. Inspired by this, I made a book about a bizarre door with only an entrance and no exit that repeats endlessly. The protagonist draws a line on the door whenever she opens it, showing the meaning of repetitive days. The overlapped lines become colors, and colors go beyond the door.

How was the illustration used:
The illustrations are used for my picture book that is produced in two ways. The first is Codex Binding, which is used for commercial publication. The second is French door binding, which is employed for special editions. Also, the original works will be exhibited at galleries and bookshops.

How did you make this work:
The works were created with charcoal and pencil and finished digitally. I placed the door in the same position on all pages and used a static shot to emphasize repeatability. Theatrically exaggerated gestures of the characters help to avoid visual boredom due to repetition. For special editions, I adopted French door binding that enables the readers to feel as if they are opening the door.

Commissioner Name :
Chief Editor Kyung Suk, Ann
Commissioner Company :
WoongJin ThinkBig
Commissioned for:
WoongJin ThinkBig

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Kingston University MA (London, the UK)
Communication Design ; Illustration
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Currently Based:
South Korea

Kyoung-Mi Ahn received a MA from Kingston University. She combines pieces of imaginary images into a narrative and explores the possibilities in the materiality of reading and book structure. She won illustration awards, including twice of Bologna Bookfair, Incentive Award of Sharjah Reading Festival, and Merit Award of 3x3 Show. She published two solo picture books and illustrated 14books.