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«Everybody Counts» is a philosophical counting book. We count people from 0 to 7,5 billion (the world). The people appear in different kinds of groups. Many of the people appear in two or more groups, and this way we can detect stories about them. We can count the people, search for stories about them, feel for them and see how different stories and lives intersect.
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My aim was to spark curiosity, understanding and compassion for the people we meet.The book consists of 2768 individually drawn people. The people are drawn without outlines and in colours. Everything else is line drawing in CYAN. This was to make it easier to count the people, but also to emphasize that it is people, not places, houses or things that make up society.

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Kristin Roskifte is a Norwegian illustrator and picture book author. She has made eight books exploring topics like queueing, crowds, surreal dream homes and animals with body issues. Most of all she is inspired by the differences and similarities between human beings.She never ever gets tired of drawing people. Her latest book, «Everybody Counts», contains 2768 people and is sold to more than 20 countries.