Kristin Lidström
Nobelkvinnor (Female winners of Nobel Prize in Literature)

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Since the Nobel Prize in literature 2018 was cancelled after a sexual assault scandal, Swedish publishers decided to focus on all the previous female winners instead and republish some of their most popular work in a paperback series. I was commissioned to make portraits of the winners and create a book design for the covers. The result should be elegant, modern and have a high-class feeling.

How was the illustration used:
Books, posters, marketing objects.

How did you make this work:
I found inspiration from Helene Schjerfbeck (colour and shape in portraits), the Bloomsbury group (mix of patterns) and used a main typeface based upon Franz Kafkas handwriting (named Mister K Pro, designed by Julia Sysmäläinen). Portraits and patterns were all digitally made and composed, printed on uncoated paper and presented as paperbacks.

Commissioner Name :
A working group with representatives from 8 Swedish publishing houses.
Commissioner Company :
Albert Bonniers förlag, Norstedts, Wahlström & Widstrand, Forum, Ersatz, Atlas, Ellerströms and Modernista.

Personal Website:

I am an illustrator and book designer with a Master of Fine Arts from HDK, School of Design and Crafts at Gothenburg University, Sweden. Storytelling is what still makes my creativity and soul running. Designing books is what keeps the spirit and economy up. Pictures and letters are my tools in communicating in this world.