Kieran Blakey
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Why did you make this work:
I was briefed to create a lede illustration for an article about epigenetics (the study of heritable phenotype changes) and wanted to demonstrate how your actions can act like ripples in water, affecting your genetic code and potentially transferring them onto future generations. It's a process that's constantly changing and I like how this fluctuation correlates nicely with water (and the sea).

How was the illustration used:
A science editorial for an article about epigenetics on Elemental (by Medium)

How did you make this work:
I drew the illustration out first in pencil before scanning the illustration in and recreating it using digital brushes in Adobe Photoshop. Lastly I added in textures to give the image a more 'handmade' visual quality.

Commissioner Name :
Tessa Modi
Commissioner Company :
Elemental by Medium

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Kieran Blakey is an illustrator currently residing in West Yorkshire after graduating from Leeds Arts University with a degree in illustration. He predominately works using digital processes but utilises scanned textures to give his practice a more traditional approach. Although being a new illustrator his clients currently include Medium, and Nike.