Kevin Niggeler : LIBER magazine #120 - The space of stories


Commissioned | New Talent

The article talks about the power of imagination and the relationship between reality and the dimension of reading. The illustrations represent this change of vision and the inner world of a reader while he/she starts reading a book.
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In the illustrations reality is “disturbed” by elements that create a sense of disorientation, of magic, reproducing that power of imagination of bringing into a different world. So, while the reality is a "closed" space, imagination is a savage, bigger space, and the two dimensions live together, one invading the other.

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MiMaster - Master in Illustration

Kevin Niggeler attended the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, where he graduated in Illustration in 2016. He creates bold and neat illustrations, capable of express concepts in a simple and captivating way. He worked with Donna Moderna, Liber, Interjet magazine and 37A magazine, among others.