Käthrine Yan
Are you keeping an eye on the time?

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Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
"Are you keeping an eye on the time?" is a fully immersive experience for young children that tells the story of time and space.The story is lead by voice actors and accompanied by curious sounds, while vibrant animation is being projected onto three separate surfaces (custom made wooden shelves that also double as showcase displays), surrounding the audience in a cozy and comfy environment.

How was the illustration used:
as animated projections

How did you make this work:
Since these animated characters and worlds were never meant to be projected onto traditional rectangular cinema screens, we wanted to encourage the youngest audience to properly explore their surroundings by putting emphasis on creating a mood through colours, patterns and sounds. The "shelves" that can hold real and relevant objects to the story also have the purpose of sparking curiosity.

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Stockholm Academy of Dramatics Arts
Narrative Animated Film
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