Kadna Anda
Who Am I?


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
"Who am I?" is an ongoing project that quickly became a personal visual journal. The series represents an abundance of elements deeply rooted in my memories, connected to my childhood and life as a young Romanian adult. I started questioning and exploring my memories and personal experiences as if I was trying to discover myself once again.

How was the illustration used:
Personal Project - Illustrative Journal

How did you make this work:
The "Who am I?" is an ongoing series that started by objectively observing my culture and questioning my identity. I usually take notes and make small sketches based on memories, family stories, or places I loved visiting during my childhood. Later on, they flourish into digital illustrations.

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Central Saint Martins - University of Arts London
MA in Graphic Communication Design
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Kadna Anda is an illustrator currently based in Bucharest, Romania. With a background in illustration and advertising, she graduated with an MA in Graphic Communication Design from Central Saint Martins, UAL. Her work often reflects and questions her culture and identity as a young Romanian woman influenced by the digital globalization. Selected clients: Vogue AU, Refinery29 UK, Adidas, Nike, etc.