Juliana Bratanova
66 Birds


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
As an artist, I am inspired by the symbiosis of differences that create the ultimate harmony. Therefore, I created ‘66 Birds’ - a diverse, indivisible, and fantastic society with 66 personalities. By outlining each ones unique features, I manifest the beauty and harmony hidden in the constant interaction between them.

How was the illustration used:
Portfolio piece / Digital art print / Print on fabric and accessories (E.g., T-shirts, tote bags, metal mugs etc.)

How did you make this work:
The technique is called ‘Digitally mastered graphite on paper’. The art process begins with a freehand drawing, followed by digital progression. The outcome of which is a creation of over 80 conceptual personalised illustrations, with a final edited selection of 66. It was a mad and exciting ‘flight’ with my birds!

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Juliana Bratanova is a Bulgarian fine artist and graphic designer. She competently mixes her digital skills with illustration on paper, achieving a perfect marriage of her two passions. Juliana dissects the symbiosis between nature's living and non-living elements, depicted by mixed media drawing techniques. She graduated from the National School of Fine Arts and New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria