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Why did you make this work:
“breathe” is informal on purpose to convey the artwork casually. "breathe" just as its name is a reminder to all, to remember to breathe and cherish yourself. Inspired by real life issues of the ever conflicting and judgemental society around us. We are so busy with our lives. Sometimes we forget about ourselves. “breathe” is about self care, love and motivation. Struggle but continue to strive.

How was the illustration used:
It was intended to be an artwork for my portfolio. It is also a final work for my school assignment.

How did you make this work:
I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop on my Macbook Pro.

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Diploma in Fine Arts
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Joyce Loh is a young artist and designer of 21 years old. She is of Chinese descent, born and raised in Singapore. Throughout her life , she's been studying art and design. She is a Higher Nitec Graduate of Interactive Design at ITE College Central. Currently, she is pursuing her Diploma in Fine Arts at Lasalle. She is specialised in traditional and digital illustrations and mixed media art.  Aside from her studies, Joyce has also been in the industry since her intern in 2018 doing freelance projects. She has done various projects ranging of art, illustrations, photography, videography, branding, advertising and graphic design.