Jonny Glover
Mural for The Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health

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Why did you make this work:
The artwork was commissioned by the NHS for The Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health, an in-patient service for young people with complex and severe mental health difficulties. The aim of the project was to give the entrance to the ward a bright, positive and hopeful feel. The young inpatients of the centre were involved throughout the process from the design to painting.

How was the illustration used:
The mural flows across 3 walls inside the entrance to the acute ward of The Coborn Centre. It incorporates playful and interactive elements into which patients and staff are encouraged to contribute thoughts and messages and acts as a welcoming artwork to people arriving on the ward.

How did you make this work:
Getting the young inpatients in the Centre involved was a hugely important part of the process. They helped throughout by coming up with the concepts for the design to assisting me with the painting. Their ideas explored themes of discovery, space, and hope and formed the basis of the artwork. The imagery was then painted by hand with acrylics.

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NHS East London Foundation Trust
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United Kingdom

Jonny Glover is a freelance illustrator based in London. Jonny's style is singular and instantly recognisable. His idiosyncratic characters and sense of humour allow him to open up complex subjects with a light hearted touch. He works with people, charities, progressive organisations and agencies to produce illustration and animation that both informs and delights.