Jolene Liam
My Room Unfolded


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
This drawing describes living in a block of flats in the city. My room is presented in the form of a greeting card, using both sides of the paper to explore the relationship of interior and exterior. Beneath the homogeneity of its brick envelope, every wall in this building belongs to a different person who has made their home behind it, concealing a myriad of individual habits of inhabitation.

How was the illustration used:
This was a personal project, as part of an ongoing exploration of how people occupy and use the spaces they live in. I am especially interested in documenting belongings and everyday clutter, be it others' or my own, as a way of telling stories about people and their homes.

How did you make this work:
I made a systematic record of anything sitting on, kept within or attached to the two longest walls of my room. As a result, four very different views of the same space were created. These were hand drawn in pen as flattened elevation and section views on both sides of the paper. They were then scanned in, and perspective added digitally to give the sense of a card being unfolded.

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United Kingdom

Jolene is a London-based illustrator and architect from Singapore. Her architectural background and work have fuelled an interest in documenting how places and spaces are occupied, which informs her illustrations and vice versa. These include floor plans divested of the architecture itself and defined through the things inside it, and spaces described through visual inventories of objects within.